The Connection between Erectile Dysfunction and Age

Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem of modern mankind. There are no exact data about its scales, but with confidence, it is possible to tell that the huge number of men suffers from this illness, and every year their quantity steadily increases.

Many people improperly believe that violations of erection and erectile function, in general, are the destiny of mainly aging men and it is rather a norm than something unusual. Actually, this opinion has in itself at least two serious mistakes:

  • the share of the young men suffering from erectile dysfunction steadily grows, and quite an impressive number of men already at the young age suffer from problems with erectile function;
  • impotence isn’t a norm, normal there is some decrease in libido and sexual opportunities at men after 65 years age, but if the speech comes about ED at an earlier age, or about a serious violation of erectile function, then diagnostics and fight against this illness is required here. Canadian Health&Care Mall pharmacy professionals tell about the fact that erectile dysfunction is a curable disorder which is possible to be treated with medications of our online store. We are waiting for your orders to carry out the necessary treatment plans.


So, we will consider the main reasons for erectile dysfunction characteristic of men during various periods of life:

  • at the young age in most cases, the reason for ED and impotence are considered to be psychogenic factors as well as vegetative-vascular dystonia, venous insufficiency of the cavernous body;
  • in the middle age the problems of violation of erection regulation caused by diabetes, metabolic disorder, abuse of alcohol and nicotine, backbone diseases, prostatitis, stresses, etc. are added to the specified reasons;
  • after 45 years are added to the available reasons: vascular disorders (atherosclerosis), hypertension, obesity, cavernous fibrosis, climacteric processes, prostatitis, developments of stagnation in small pelvis organs.

Summarizing above written should be noted if at an early age are the prevailing reasons of ED considered to be psychological, then with age, there is a list towards functional violations in work of an organism which may be improved with Canadian Pharmacy. It is unambiguously possible to say that the man is more senior, the risk of development of erectile dysfunction (impotence) in him because of increase in “risk factors” is higher. Separately it is worth mentioning that the listed reasons are the most widespread for each age group, however, it doesn’t mean that any reason can’t suddenly be shown at a younger age (for example the prostatitis characteristic of elderly men promptly “looks younger” striking already men of not reached 30 years old).

At the emergence of problems with erectile function, you should remember that in most cases perhaps and successful treatment which can be medicamentous, surgical is necessary, or psychological – depending on the etymology of violations.